Cookies, Cronuts, Corn Oh My!

So we’re gonna stop in Manhattan once again because how can you not. The city is absolutely huge and filled with many wonders that everyone needs to know about. This journey is another foodie one (check out my very first article if you wanna see my first one!).

We’re going to stop at two places today.  The first place is a really famous bakery, Dominique Ansel. And let me just say, it very much deserves all the hype and attention it gets. When I went, I tried the world renown cronut and the famous cookie shot.


Both of them were absolutely fantastic. Just some things to keep in mind. You should get in line early because they sell out fast and the line gets pretty long. They only make a limited amount of each per day. Also, the cronut is sold right when the store opens while the cookie shot is sold at 3 pm, so just be aware of that as well while you plan your trip.

When I went, I had the banana flavored cronut; they change the flavor every month and I’m pretty sure they never repeat them. It was absolutely amazing; it was flakey and sweet, a literally hybrid between a donut and a croissant. It’s really unhealthy though, so maybe don’t eat the whole thing by yourself. The cookie shot was my favorite though (that might be because I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies). The lining is covered in chocolate; when you mixed the milk with a bite of the chocolate chip cookie and chocolate lining, UGH heavenly.

Elote from Cafe Habana!

The next place is Café Habana. Do y’all remember the phase when everyone was obsessed with the grilled corn cheese and lemon and spices? Well, this was one of the OG places of corn and I’m going to give my two sense. I think that honestly, the corn isn’t anything special. When you start eating it, the cheese falls off and then it literally just becomes grilled corn. Although it is cheap, so if you are a foodie, then by all means, go for it! Fun fact: In Mexico, this is called Elote and they had them at every street corner. It was so flipping good in Mexico

Let me know if you try this food!




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