How to Deal with Home Sickness

I feel like when everyone travels, they always experience some kind of home sickness. Traveling to a new country with an unfamiliar culture, a language barrier, different kinds of food and clothes always takes some kind of an adjustment. Of course, depending on the person, it could be a difficult change or an easy and quick one. Regardless of what you deal with, there are always ways to help make the transition abroad much easier to cope with.

Here are some of the things I suggest:

  • Bring something from home with you! Something that makes you happy or something you are really comfortable with. It could be a t-shirt, a stuffed animal, a bracelet, a perfume/cologne, just about anything. When I went to Oaxaca, I brought my boyfriend’s stuffed animal to help me transition.
  • Talk to your friends from back home! This helps too, especially if you facetime them or call them. It gives you a sense of familiarity and helps you miss them just a little bit less.


  • Don’t check your snapstories that often. Snapstories with all your friends honestly just makes it worse because it makes you miss them more. FOMO is REAL and it SUCKS!! Turn off your data and just enjoy your experience or better yet just delete snapchat so you’re not tempted to check all thetime.
  • Talk with the people you are traveling with. Everyone experiences some kind of adjustment at one point in time. Talk to them and bond about your experiences; it’ll help ease the transition and you’ll make some great friends as well!
  • Take a day to yourself! Spend a night just netflixing some of your favorite shows in English. It’ll help, especially with the familiarity of the language, especially if you go to a place where there is a strong language barrier.
  • Study the language, culture, food as much as you can ahead of time so that you’re more prepared and you aren’t overwhelmed at all the differences; this way, you’re a bit more prepared from the beginning and can give yourself time to mentally get ready for the differences. Plus, it’ll help you communicate a bit easier if you learn important words.
  • Know what your comfort food is and find a restaurant! I amIndian and when I travel, I always miss my mom’s home cooked Indian food. So wherever I go, I always go to an Indian place for one meal, just to get that sense of home.

That’s all the advice I got, I hoped it helps with your future travels!



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