Yea, that’s right. The title of the article is exactly right. BUGS. When I was in Oaxaca, I saw how common it is for people to be eating bugs. Before you get super grossed out, let me just say that I tried as many as I could and honestly, they weren’t that bad.

So first let’s start with Chapulines. These are grasshoppers or crickets. They sell these in big ass buckets in the markets. They’re actually pretty good. When you bite into them, you get a wave of salty from the guts of the cricket. Wow that sounds really gross, but if you get the super small ones, you don’t even see the eyes and legs. I also brought home packaged chapulines; they are a spicy flavored. Those aren’t that bad either. You honestly can’t even tell it’s an insect. Once I even got a hot dog with a chapuline on it. And IT WAS SO GOOD.

A Mexican Hot Dog topped off with chili, guacamole, and chapulines!

So then next thing is chicatana. These are flying ants that come once during the summer. Everyone goes crazy and collects them. You can eat these just as it is, but a lot of times, people make chicatanas into a salsa. I’ve tried both and it was crunchy, kind of savory, and definitely interesting.

A roasted chicatana
A plate of chicatanas and chicatana salsa

The next thing I tried was mescal with a scorpion in it!! Mescal is the famous staple alcohol in Oaxaca; it’s similar to tequila but so much stronger and much crazier. The trick is that you drink it very slowly, just sip on it and breath while you do. While at stores, I saw mescal bottles with snakes, spiders, crazy amounts of bugs. Specifically, though, the one I tried with the scorpion was actually some of the best mescal I tried because it was SO strong. That’s the point of leaving the scorpion inside. I don’t know why, but for some reason, it intensifies the flavor and the strength of the alcohol.

Scorpion Mescal

The last bug I tried (I know right, there’s more??) was a little worm. I didn’t eat the worm whole, but rather a salt made from grinded up worm. It was really good seasoning too. Like I honestly wouldn’t have known it was made from the worm, but they told me it was.

Salt made from a worm

I hope this article wasn’t too disgusting, but one of my philosophies is that when you’re in a different country, you cannot be afraid to try their food and culture. If you guys have any specific questions about Oaxaca, let me know in the comments below!

Adios! Hasta Luego 🙂


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