Nachos, Nachos, Nachos

Some say that I can be somewhat of a nacho connoisseur. It’s probably because everywhere I go and if I see nachos on the menu, it is basically guaranteed that I order them.

So, basically, I’ve had so many nachos and I want to tell you about a little shop in New Jersey that has some of my absolute favorite nachos. There are actually a few of them around New Jersey, but the one I go to is in South Orange. It’s called Tito’s Burritos and Wings.

Their nachos are BOMB. Cheesy goodness. They put nacho cheese and regular cheese on top so it’s double the fun. There’s also a salsa bar with 4 different kinds. I recommend the salsa verde and the hot salsa; it just doesn’t get much better than that.


Quick piece of advice, don’t add chicken to it. Their chicken is a bit dry and heavy, so it kind of ruins the nachos. Just get it with beans, it’s a good enough protein. Also, eat them fast; they’ll get soggy quick from the beans.

If you aren’t in the mood for nachos and want something lighter, get the chicken tacos. They are also fantastic. You won’t be disappointed. They’re double wrapped with a hard and soft shell. Add a bit of salsa from the salsa bar and you are good to go.

Trust me, the nachos are absolutely filling, probably wise to share with someone. Get two tacos though for a full meal. The tacos also come with chips, so you’re good to go. It’s just as good (maybe even a little bit better) as Chipotle.


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