Best Ways to Keep Yourself Busy in a Long Car Ride

Hey guys! So has anyone ever gone on a really long ride, like a 9 to 10 hour ride, that’s just gruesome and long. You can only stare outside for long enough before you start going insane and losing your mind (I know I do). Here are some things you can do to keep yourself occupied during those long, boring rides.

  • Sleep- this is a no brainer; bring a pillow and a blanket, get some ear plugs, and get comfortable! Sleeping can waste a lot of those long hours, so it’s a good place to start.


  • Bring homework- If you’re in college or high school or have entrance exams to study for, this is the time to do it. You have a long time of being uninterrupted, just put some headphones in to block out the car noise and you are golden! You may be surprised at how much you’ll be able to get done.


  • Bring some books to read- I used to LOVE reading back when I had the time to do it, but since college started and all the work I’ve had, I just haven’t had the time. This is a perfect chance to catch up on any reads.


  • Bring your laptop fully charged! You can do absolutely so much with your laptop, and the first thing is write! I’ve written some articles for this blog on my long road trips. And if you are stumped, just look outside and soon enough you could find inspiration.


  • With that laptop, you can download movies and watch to your hearts desire. Netflix and Amazon Prime give you the ability to download movies.


  • Bring some games! You can download some apps on your phone or iPad and make sure you bring a portable charger. There’s so many games, just scroll through popular games in the App Store.


  • My last suggestion is to play games with your family or just talk to them! Have conversations. But some game ideas are “20 questions” or “iSPY” or even some kind of license plate game.

I hope these suggestions helped! If you would like any suggestions for books or things definitely leave it in the comments below!



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