Outfit for a Casual Day in NYC

Welcome back! Today’s installment is exactly what the title says. Part of traveling for me is taking pictures that I can save forever and throw up on the gram. And nice pictures mean nice outfits.

So, here’s my outfit idea for a day I spent in Little Italy in Manhattan.



  • Jean Vest from H&M
  • Striped Shirt from Marshalls
  • Necklace from Icing
  • Choker from Icing
  • Leggings from Forever 21
  • Sunglasses from a friend
  • Liquid Lipstick by Sephora in the shade Frozen Strawberries

The most important thing when you spend a day in the city is to wear comfortable shoes. You walk around all day long, so make sure you’re comfortable. I choose to wear my little brown boots from Sears, so my feet didn’t hurt all day.

I hope this gave you some fashion inspiration!

Bon Voyage!

(This was also the first installment on in flight entertainment, click on the tab above to find out more!)


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